October 30, 2008

Heading Out of Town!

Tomorrow afternoon I'm flying down to my favorite city in the Dirty South - Charleston, South Carolina. My college sorority sister is getting married in land of palmettos, at the Middleton Plantation. I can't wait to see all my far-away college friends, go buck wild at the Market Street Saloon (again) and of course, see one of my favorite friends get married to a guy she's nuts for. Maybe even get in some shopping before I fly back on Sunday. I'm just worried that my peep-toe spikes will sink into the grass during the ceremony. But no worries - after a few V&Ts, everyone's shoes will be coming off.

I'll also be partying in Charleston during Halloween tomorrow night!! Because of my limited luggage size (I HATE checking bags), I'm not bringing a costume, but will just dress up for a fun night out in a beautiful, exciting city. If anyone has any last-minute recommendations on where to go for Halloween fun (or places with lines too long to get in anywhere), leave a message.

Be back next week, and I'll give an update on my favorite fall decoration styles, the latest date with the doctor, and my birthday/Christmas wishlists. Have a great weekend, and Happy Halloween!

Cheers, y'all,

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~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Such a pretty place! Hope you had a great time!