November 02, 2008

Warm, Soft, and Sweet All Over

I had a fantastic weekend in Charleston, complete with a wild Halloween at the Market Street Saloon and a positively gorgeous wedding at Middleton Place. But one thing I noticed, besides the abundance of tea (sweet, of course), McCain billboards, street signs like Shrimpboat Lane and clean-cut, charming boys with cozy Carolina accents, was the temperature. As in, not warm. Like, maybe 10 degrees warmer than New England.

And it struck me: Indian summer is gone, the leaves are and have been changing, Halloween has passed, and we're in that cold but not snowy period of late fall that comes before the holidays but after apple-picking season.

I personally love the late fall, and not just because I'm a scorpio. And not because we gained an extra hour of sleep last night (or in my case, an extra hour of drinking before last call). When the leaves fall completely and the temperatures drop, there is nothing like a cashmere sweater or a cute guy wearing one to make you love the cold. And what better way to draw one in (a guy that is), than by making yourself smooth as butter and sweet as sugar?

Here are my favorite picks for fall and winter beauty products. You have an easy four months to enjoy these, and considering the risk of winter-dry skin and lips, I recommend stocking up. There's no better antidote to wool and layers than body butter that smells like spiced vanilla.

Victoria's Secret Ooh La La Body Shimmer, $29

Bath & Body Works Bath Fizz in Twisted Peppermint, $3.50

The Body Shop Body Butter in Vanilla Spice, $20

The Body Shop Body Polish in Cranberry, $20

philosophy Shimmer Body Lotion in Snow, $15

philosophy Flavored Lip Shine in Gingerbread, $12

philosophy Flavored Lip Shine in Pumpkin Spice, $12

philosophy Flavored Lip Shine in Cinnamon Buns, $12

Victoria's Secret Shimmer Swirl Lotion, $12 or 3 for $25

philosophy Flavored Lip Shine in Ooey Gooey S'mores, $12

Bath & Body Works Body Cream in Twisted Peppermint, $11

Dylan's Candy Bar Body Products in Birthday Cake Batter, $8-22

Dylan's Candy Bar Body Products in Chocolate Frosting, $8-22

Bath & Body Works Roll-On Shimmer Body Fragarance in Twisted Peppermint, $5


lml said...

such cute finds!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

HMM, you are making me want to shop!!