October 03, 2008

If you like basic sweaters...

... try some solid sweaters with details.

When I'm feeling tired and hurried in the morning, and I don't feel up to rocking the easy dress because of the necessary heels, I love the 1-2-3 punch of cami-cardigan-slacks, with flats if I want to be comfy. I also love to wear glen plaid, pinstriped and houndstooth pants, so I often purchase solid cardigans to keep the pattern under control and offer maximum combinations with pants and skirts, not to mention jeans.

But here's the rub: a solid, button-down cardigan, while classic, can get redundant. Plus, they demand more intense jewelry, a scarf or other accessory, and if you need to think a lot about accessorizing, the morning gettin'-ready ritual will slow down and muddle your pre-coffee mind.

For the purposes of this post, I'll suggest some great sweater looks to be paired with slacks. Skirts, because of the delicacies of volume and hem, are another topic altogether. Besides, if you're pairing a sweater with a dress or skirt, it's easier to look more dressed up than with pants, even if you're wearing flats. I'll also only offer solid or mostly solid options, so these pieces can become staples of your wardrobe, and easily rotated. A black cardigan with a ruffled neckline is something you can wear more often because of its subtlety. But an orange argyle sweater vest is a bit more... conspicuous.

JCrew Cashmere, $398
Pocket placement creates curves, and the large buttons and collar dress it up.

NY & Co., $25.86
Mixed textures and an open structure make this a great addition to dark, straight pants.

NY & Co., $23.06
The shirring and tie add femininity.

Banana Republic, $79*
The ruffle draws attention to the neck and face, and the wrap style flatters the waist.
Banana Republic, $130
The funnel neck is an unexpected pair with cropped sleeves. Because of the volume, keep the paints well-fitted.

JCrew, $118
The crystal buttons and color blocking add character to a classically shaped cardigan.

JCrew, $168*
The tie front adds a sweet detail. Dress it up with heels and a statement necklace.

JCrew, $188
The dark buttons and pockets balance out a full chest, and this is still basic enough to get a wear a week, even in a bright color.


* - a layering piece underneath is necessary for work-appropriateness. With solid cardigans, try patterned or embellished camis.


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I love the gray sweater from J.Crew but Mr. Guru would laugh if I said I wanted that! However, NY&Co has some great finds too!!

Anonymous said...

I dig your style.

Do you really look like Rachel Bilson? So hot...