October 16, 2008

"This weekend... I have my first date with Jack Berger."

"What are you two gonna do?"
"I don't know yet, so many many outfits need to be scouted."

Uh oh... the girl's got a date!

Things with the sexy Greek jazz fan didn't really work out, but Saturday night I am doing dinner with a very tall, outgoing doctor from California. I gave him a few ideas, but I'm ultimately leaving it up to him. Sometimes, I like the man to take the lead as far as plans, and this will be a good litmus test for his taste in restaurants. Besides, if the man's going to pay (as he should, on the first date), I like to let him decide how empty his wallet will be afterwards.

Anyway, time for what's important..... the outfit!!

Most of the places we were discussing were of the classy Italian/seafood/sushi variety, so I'm thinking the reliable jeans/dressy top combo might not be quite enough. However, I also don't want to be overdressed, as that smacks of slight desperation.

Saturday's forecast right now is partly cloudy, high of 59, low of 42. Chilly, jacket required, but low humidity which is good for hair.

So girls (and boys?) I am asking for your advice. Should I go with...

1. Dark jeans, sexy but sophisticated top, heels, clutch

2. Short tweed skirt, v-neck cardigan, heels, Paris hobo bag

3. Wrap dress, heels, clutch

4. Other (votes for this better come with a suggestion!)

Cheers to being nervous!!



~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Such a hard choice. Especially since it also depends on the place. I know some place we have eaten at will only allow guys to wear dress pants. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

go casual first! something that flatters your curves and all! skinny jeans and all.

Next, surprise him by dressing a little sexier but still conservative; show a little skin but not a lot.

Outfits could turn a guy's head easily, it'd show the guy a little more of your personality. changing outfit themes would get him curious of who is this girl behind these outfits. Guys love to see his girl dressing up!

so.. ALL THE BEST~! (^-^) hehe

You might try asking him what outfit he actually prefer you in.

Anonymous said...

OH! to add on, i found a blog which would be helpful


preppypearlgirl said...

Wrap Dress, Heels, and Clutch! Girl, you can't go wrong with any of those 3 items! It is such a classy outfit!
Good for you, this will be so much fun! I completely understand being nervous! ENJOY!
I have been catching up on your blog, and added you to my blog roll today, I hope thats alright! Your blog is so cute!