January 04, 2009


Easily the best reason to go to the city. Case in point: yesterday's last minute tickets to Balanchine's The Nutcracker at the NYCB. Christmas or none, child or senior, this show never gets old, and no one does it better than New York.


Monicakbyrne@yahoo.com said...

This looks like a beautiful production!! I do have one question...do you post a picture of Rachael Bilson in the corner of your site because you look like her?

Hayley said...

Pfffft :-) I wish. I use her pictures because right now, she's my favorite fashion/beauty inspiration. We're brunettes in our mid-20s, and all the pictures I see of her are fantastic. Chic, laid-back, beautiful and cute all at once. I aspire to look a little like her!

Thanks for reading,

Hui said...

I love ballet. These pictures are beautiful. So inspirational. *Sighs dreamily*

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