January 05, 2009

Resolving to be more fabulous

I don't put much stock in the "new year, new me" philosophy because all the major challenges I've decided to put upon myself (getting into college, losing 60lbs, daily moisturizing) were changes I decided I wanted. Period. Not because of a new calendar or because Jenny encouraged me (I went low-carb, by the way). I decided I wanted something badly enough to work for it, and that's how change really happens.
Like a professor once told me: You can't think yourself into a new way of acting. You have to act yourself into a new way of acting.

For once, I'm not feeling a huge urge to reevaluate my life this time of year purely because we're almost done with the first decade of the current millenium. I'm actually pretty happy. Not perfect, but happy.
Still, there is a bit of fun in taking a look at the year ahead as an opportunity. Not necessarily for improvement (though that's not a bad thing), but a chance to apply what we feel we've learned this year. For instance, basic contentment aside, I decided my New Year's Resolution for the '09 was to be more fabulous.
That sounds completely S&TC-cliche, but what I really mean is that I'd like to get more out of everyday life, in an unobtrusive, fun way. Some ideas I plan to intend to implement some time.
  • Take advantage of the wonderful culture around me. Make time (and room in my bank account) to see an opera, B'way show, ballet, jazz concert, or arena concert once per month.

  • Take more weekend excursions as a break from expensive, 3-week sight-seeing marathons. Places to try: Montauk, Stowe, Kennebunkport, DC, Montreal.

  • Eliminate clutter of the broken, useless, outdated and cheap varieties in my apartment, wardrobe and life. Leave only room for beauty, quality, and lovely empty space.

  • Eat more fresh food. Less Chinese, more grilling, less frozen veggie burgers, more home-cooked meals and snacks.

  • Don't wait for an excuse to buy French wine. Buy it for me, because it's my favorite and it reminds me of being in Paris.

  • Wear something I love every day.

  • Keep a stash of monogrammed thank-you notes as an upgrade from the $4.99 box of 25 from Home Goods.

  • Wear less jewelry. Make my accessories work harder.

  • Perfect a sexy walk. To be used in moderation, of course.

  • Try one outlandish fitness-craze exercise class, like stripper aerobics, laughter yoga, or the latest cocktail of yogalateskicardio.

  • Host a dinner party in my tiny apartment. Make it work.

  • Make eye contact, hold it, and smile. At least once per day.

How will you be more fabulous this year?

Happy New Year,