January 13, 2009

Resort Season? I wish.

The city is supposed to get what meteorologists are charmingly and sensationally calling an "arctic blast" in the next day or two. For the latter half of the week, lucky us, temperatures are supposed to peak at a mere 17 degrees.

How cold is that? Even the sun feels chilly.

It's the perfect time to give the Carrie Bradshaw "it's too cold" excuse. But if you don't have a Classic Six apartment in which to cozy up to a witty but unattractive older Russian, wearing a nightgown and cashmere robe... and you don't have a job... you're forced to layer on the tights, trousers, boots, hats, coats, scarves, gloves, and lip balm until you can't put your arms down, and get your goosebumped booty to work.

Perhaps I have an extra case of the winter blahs this year, with no outstanding escapes to Mexico or the Caribbean planned. Not even Florida. But hey, who is participating in Resort Season during our fabulously played-out-already Recession-Rama?

In near-zero temperatures, it's natural for us to lust and pine for the days of June, when the sun didn't set until 9:00pm (or 11pm, in Europe), and all the clothing you need is a breezy dress and the warm air on your arms.

While white dresses are classic and beautiful, they're also ubiquitous. The beige dress is an unexpected alternative in summer, especially for evening. Below are some of my favorite mid-summer beige dresses, presented to you this evening in a small effort to curb the frost. Enjoy!


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I really like the last dress!

Cali Girl said...

the last one is my fave too.

The Cape House said...

I just love the first one. I hear ya, Boston is pretty rough this time of year too.