January 16, 2009

Under Pressure

No need for me to go into detail. Surely everyone has heard the story that's at once both terrifying and impressive. The US Airways jet that hit a flock of birds and made a crash landing in the Hudson River (about 1/2 mile away from me!) makes me swear I will never, ever, ever, ever again ignore the flight attendants' emergency instructions while reading Cosmo. How humbling and eerie it is to know that something as natural and ubiquitous as a flock of birds could lead to an airplane crash?
But how awe-inspiring this story is. Yes, yes, pilots are trained for the "what ifs" but it takes a truly strong, smart individual to keep calm under pressure and rationally decide on the safest course of action. It's truly not a miracle, but the result of fast decision-making skills of that airline crew that no one suffered serious injuries. Hypothermia is worth it, if you get to survive. The man with the wings pin on his lapel made a choice and saved over 150 lives. This story is truly incredible, and while I'm sure none of those passengers are eager to fly again any time soon, you have to be impressed that this kind of skill and professionalism exists in a life-or-death situation.
We salute you, Sully!
Cheers to survival,

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I left you a comment on the entry previous to this one.....quite the story!!!