May 10, 2009

I don't understand.

I haven't updated on the status of Pete and I for a while because there hasn't been anything to report. And I'm getting a sinking feeling I'm getting brushed off.

I last spoke to Pete a week ago, on our weekly Sunday night phone call. It wasn't anything official, but we have basically spoken for at least an hour every Sunday night since we started talking. Last Sunday we had another great conversation, and agreed to talk soon.

Come Friday, I hadn't heard from him, and I was surprised. Since we had conflicts in our schedules the last 3 weekends, I thought he'd be interested in making plans this weekend. Around 3pm I left him a voice mail. It's 10:15 on Sunday and still nothing. I know today is Mother's Day and he was probably home with the family for the day... but he couldn't find the time over the whole weekend to shoot me a quick call, or even a text?

I know I'm not his girlfriend and it's not like he owes me anything... but I can't shake this feeling like he's moved on. I haven't seen the guy in a month and I'm hurt by the lack of call back, and the lack of plans this weekend. Everything seemed to be going great, and he was sufficiently surprised and taken aback when I told him about my other date. So what's changed?

I don't know what I did wrong. I don't know what he's thinking. I don't know anything, except that he's been on in the past 24 hours. Be honest with me girls. I'm getting left behind, am I not?

This sucks.


xo. said...

okay... first of all. hug. im a girl and i totally know how it feels to be in your shoes.

second, i don't really know the whoe story but from this post, 2 things you say speaks to me...

#1 he hasn't called.
#2 he has been on in the last 24 hours.

im sorry but if it were me, i would try and move on fron this guy and not expect anything from him.

YOU deserve much better than this!!! trust me. save your time for someone who really cares.


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I agree, Probably time to move on. Hang in there and hugs!