May 29, 2009

It's official...

I'm going to Italy!

Booking is complete. Now accepting any and all tips, restaurant recommendations, stories and cautionary tales.

- Hayley


Jules said...

That's sooo cool.
A friend and I made the plan to got to ten european citys in the next 5 years. Rome is so on our list. This year I go to ireland and maybe to London.
Pack sunscreen and maybe a notebook to write down recipes....enjoy your trip

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

awe, have fun!

The Cape House said...

If you happen to visit Naples while renting a minivan, make sure you know how to drive it in reverse exceptionally well. Some of those old cobblestone streets are a lot more narrow than expected. Just sayin.

CTB said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! How exciting!

Dew said...

Italy is a gorgeous country with lovely people and so much to see and do, but I will warn you about two things in addition to pickpockets in general:

Be alert to touches, gropes, and rubbings on crowded public transport. Learn this phrase (and how to shout it): "Che cazzo fai?!?!" (pronounced KAY KAHTZO FIE) It means "What the F are you doing?" and is very effective at attracting attention the pervs don't want.

Watch out for the gypsies in Venice and Naples; don't EVER EVER EVER hold anyone's baby or small child, and beware flocks of little kids surrounding you (in Rome, too), because one gambit is the open-sheet-of-newsprint flying in your face (which leads to pickpocketing while you're clearing your vision and batting away the paper!).

Also, if you take trains, be vigilant about your luggage -- we too took only a 22" rollie and a messenger bag with us, but we packed a bungy cord and bungied our suitcases together and to the overhead rail on trains -- unobtrusively, but boy it woulda made a ruckus for someone to try and get them down! :)

Buon viaggio!!

Hayley said...

Dew - Thanks for the heads-up on the... persistent Italians. And the gypsies/pickpockets as well... my goodness! The French aren't nearly as aggressive! ;-)

Jules - I did intend to bring my journal, but taking down recipes is a fantastic idea!! Thank you!

Cape House - I would love to hear your minivan in Naples story.
- H