June 07, 2009

I had Dunkirk!

Yesterday I took the train out to Long Island for the annual Belmont Stakes. This is the 3rd leg of the Triple Crown, and although there was no contender for it this year, it was still a pretty great day.

Belmont is situated in the town of Elmont (no joke), and from what I saw, Elmont is a dump. But once you enter the gates, you forget the outside world and are surrounded by green paddocks, TV trees, turn-of-the-century architecture (I think) and people dressed to impress. There were even some hats, even a couple of big ones, contrary to what I'd heard.

I was all set to post a bunch of photos I took and Blogger seems to disagree with thoroughbred racing. But I'll try again later!



Anonymous said...

I'd love to see those photos! I hope it cooperates soon.

Nelvino said...

Good blog. Good photo.

Have you ever been to England?