July 17, 2009

Eye Candy: Bands I'm Sweating Right Now

Upbeat alternative band from Versailles, France.
Download: Consolation Prize

Reggae/ska trio with dirty lyrics from Kona, Hawaii
Download: Bring Me Along

Kaiser Chiefs
Indie punk rock from Leeds, England
Download: Never Miss a Beat

English piano-rock band with U2 influences
Download: Is It Any Wonder?

G. Love & Special Sauce
Bluesy folk rockers around since the early '90s
Download: Soft and Sweet

Franz Ferdinand
Head-nodding Scot rock
Download: Lucid Dreams

The Airborne Toxic Event
Punchy, bouncy, catchy rock from L. A.
Download: Gasoline

The White Tie Affair
Techno-influenced pop-punk you can dance to
Dowload: Take It Home

James Morrison
Pensive, dry singer-songwriter; the anti-John Mayer
Download: One Last Chance

The Killers (Brandon Flowers pictured)
Upbeat electro-pop from, where else, Vegas
Download: Joy Ride

Kings of Leon
Hipster rock sound you'd never guess was from Nashville
Download: California Waiting

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