July 16, 2009

Should I buy?

Navajo sandals?

As my Italian holiday is drawing more near, I am taking stock of my wardrobe and also being tempted by post-July 4th sales. Thirdly, I am also trying to conserve cash so I have plenty of it to dispose of while on vacation.

However... these adorable sandals, which were a fave of Jackie O, are something I've considered for a while. They are chic, seem comfortable... and are also a bit pricey at around $95 for a pair. I have been eyeing metallic ones on the interwebs for a week or two now, and am completely on the fence.

The prep inside me says, "Buy them! These will be your answer to the ubiquitous flip flops and gladiator sandals in America and beyond! They will last for years, and are a classic!"

The frugal chick inside me says, "You have brown VV flops, white Born flops, red kitten-heel sandals, wedges and strappy heeled sandals. You have enough shoes. They are too expensive right now, when you will only get another 2 months out of them, max."

What do you think, girls?
  • First off, do you go with Jack Rogers or Bonannos?
  • Are they all they're cracked up to be?
  • Will they allow me to spend hours sight-seeing in relative comfort?
  • Do they dress up AND down?
  • How long has your pair lasted?
Thanks for the help!


CTB said...

I'm wearing those shoes right now (Jack Rogers in Platinum). They are my go to shoes. The Platinum goes with EVERYTHING. They make my legs look tanner. I can wear them with a tshirt and jeans or with a sundress. You won't regret buying them at all.

Southern Bella said...

I would def. go with platinum for the most versatile look, and they can dress up or down --they go with everything in the summer! BUT I would go with the bonannos because they are By Far the more comfortable --I have JRs in white, and although I do wear them with some things in the summer, I constantly find myself gravitating to the SBs simply because they are The Best. But --be sure you can get some. Although you'd be in pure heaven with the SBs in Italia, if you can't find some already made, you likely can't get them before summer's over... so maybe then better to wait until the off season and get them on Sale! Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Dear Haylie, i think you can get this sandals in Italy!