August 03, 2009

Hats Off to Saratoga

In Saratoga this weekend, I won money, lost money, spent money, did a lot of drinking, and had a great time. I also took lots of pictures of the wacky and gorgeous hats I saw at the Saratoga Hat Contest. I didn't catch who the winner was, but capturing all the chapeaus on film was enough for me. Here are some highlights:

And finally, my favorite of the entire day. Big, frilly, stylish, black-and-white and paired with a beautifully simple outfit:

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dreaming in pink and green said...

ahh I love saratoga...going up on friday...I go up with my family every summer! I LOVE that hat contest, I actually want to be in it one year...I had a great idea for this year so I'm sad it's over with :(