September 13, 2009

Anyone else watching this clusterf*ck?

Beyonce's bodyguards bumping into the cameraman, interviewers stammering and "uh, okay"-ing their way through interviews, Madonna showing a lack of patience for applause during her tribute to Michael Jackson, voice-overs interfering with performances and Kanye hijacking Taylor Swift's acceptance speech to inform everyone that Beyonce had one of "da best videos of all TIME!"

And it's only 9:32.

Gotta love the VMAs... Heavens knows dozens of people probably spent all year preparing for this show, and it still reeks of immaturity and self-absorbed chaos at times.

But Russel Brand is hosting, and Lady Gaga is wearing an ostrich around her neck, so things might be looking up!

Edit #1: Maybe not... the presenters can't seem to read the teleprompter without awkward silences or overlapping each other, and Beyonce held the mic out to a woman to give a simple "wuh-oh-oh," and we got "waa-owwwww!"

But Green Day and Gaga rocked, of course.

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The Kid In The Front Row said...

Read about the Kanye West thing in the paper today, crazy!