September 11, 2009

"For the first time in a long time, you need a blanket on your bed."

New York is rainy, windy and hovering around the slightly uncomfortable temperature of 60.

I'm sitting at my desk, watching the rain dart past my window and listening to the occasional cab tear through puddles in the street.

I'm drinking some hazelnut Dunks and wearing sweatpants.

... this is fabulous.

As much as I adore summer's breezy linen, days spent sailing, sand getting everywhere, Coronas and margs and everything becoming 50% more casual... I cherish the arrival of autumn. The structure of trousers and the return of schedules and the fun in adding outerwear to clothing combinations are all things I look forward to when the temperatures begin to drop. Also on this list are pumpkin bread, wool, loafers and diving into a warm bed piled with down pillows and comforters.

I refuse to begin buying autumn clothes in July, when they're typically debuted, because I'm not the world's biggest delayed gratification fan, and I'm also still busy enjoying my summer. But after Labor Day, I'm all about embracing transitional items and giving my look slight tweaks.

Here are some things I'm loving right now...

Tan trench
I got mine from Gap, and for the price ($88) it's a great buy. I ordered online so it was a bit wrinkled when it arrived, but it's a great classic trench for a good price. The material keeps you dry, the buttons are a nice dark brown, the length and shape are good, and it has some thoughtful details, like a button closure for the belt in back, so it doesn't slide out of the loops or move around too much. Looks great on the way to work, and even better with jeans and flats.

Patterned scarves
I love summerweight scarves... but I usually get too warm to wear them for long. So I love to wear them through the fall with tees, cardigans, and simple cotton dresses.

Vineyard Vines Tisbury Tote
I hemmed and hawed over this one. As a Connecticut girl I've been buying Vineyard Vines since they started up around 10 years ago, but my style has been evolving; so I wondered if it was a bit too preppy. Irregardless, this tote is great. It's on the big size for a tote, but when you bring lunch and gym clothes and sneakers with you to work, it's a perfect size. It's comfortable, and looks great with the trench. But come November, this will be retired until March or April.

Extra-long Pearls
Another purchase I debated over. I didn't want to look like a Gossip Girl extra or Material Girl, but I love long necklaces and statement jewelry. I figured out a few creative ways to wear them, and came across a superlong strand on sale for $13 at the Macy's in Herald Square. No-brainer. The look I get most compliments on is wrapping the necklace around my neck and through itself (like knotting a scarf).

I'm gradually getting away from bronzer, which can look unnatural after September, and getting back to my Benetint. This stuff looks so natural on almost everyone, and you can use as much or as little as you need. It's pricey at around $30, but it lasts a long time.

Twill trousers
They're as comfortable as jeans, washable, and professional. My favorite is my gray pair.

Lipstick, Clinique's "A Different Grape"
I've been a lip gloss girl for as long as I can remember, and used to only dabble in lipstick for special events. But I got this color with a free gift months ago, and opened it up recently when I was feeling black. On me, it was a beautiful rich purply-pink, and was a great pop of color on my face. I'm hooked!

And some current wish-list items...

Italian driving mocs
I saw these all over Italy, mostly with metal details and nubby black rubber grips on the soles. They look a bit androgynous, casual and chic, which I love. Mostly they would go great with jeans, but I did see some women pulling these off with skirts. I haven't purchased yet because I simply cannot decide on a color.

Boyfriend cardigan
I thought these looked sloppy when they first came out a few years ago, but now I've seen some in slimmer fits and shorter sleeves. Plus, a belt works wonders. I'd like to get one to wear with a tee and full skirt at work.

T-strap flats
I have a handful of pairs of flats, but I would like some T-strap ones, perhaps in gray. Initially they look like plain old ballet flats, but get a peek at the top and there is an added element of style.

Hunter Wellies
I adore Hunter boots, especially the black ones Kate Moss wore all over England. I think they look so autumn and classic and British... but they're a bit too expensive for me until I can figure out how often I'll wear them. They're great for rainy commutes, but then I have to deal with bringing different shoes to work and either tucking trousers and wrinkling them, or wearing big rubber boots with a sleek wrap dress. And on weekends, I generally love my loafers and heels. I'm on the fence.

What will you be buying this fall?
- H

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Lauren said...

Hmmm...check...check...and check! You just made me a perfect shopping list :)