November 09, 2009


That's right folks, this NY girl has caught the flu. I guess this is what happens when you shun constant bathing in antibacterial soap as the pasttime of paranoid mommies, and decide that waiting in line for a flu shot that might just give you the flu isn't worth it.

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, but with the harsh headache, body aches, hacking cough, fever of 101, and congestion, it's pretty much a sure thing that I have the flu. Naturally my roommates don't want this passed along like my latest Chinatown pashmina, so I have been quarantined to my bedroom and the bathroom nearest. According to the CDC, I should be using a separate waste basket, laundry hamper, towels, dishes and Lysol spray. Yes, even my germ-fighting substance is at risk for carrying... germs.

So with strict orders to stay home for a few days from work, I'll have plenty of time to waste here. I usually like to refrain from talking about Christmas until we're closer to Thanksgiving, but this flu has pushed me over the edge, and given me lots of time for online browsing. So wash your hands, cover your mouth and be careful, kids. I'd rather be at work, for sure.

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Lauren said...

Yuck. The flu stinks! Feel better!!