November 10, 2009

Style Inspiration: Audrina Patridge

This is not the fever talking. Audrina Patridge (and perhaps her stylist) have great taste. This girl can do the rock look without being cheesy, but also cleans up very nicely. And of course, Audrina is obviously a beautiful girl. She has amazing eyes and hair, and a great smile. Reminiscent of a brunette Ali Larter, no? I covet her collarbone and eyeliner application, and while she sometimes can't forumlate whole sentences, I thank Audrina for being a seemingly good-hearted person on a show full of fame-whores. I also thank her for bringing Justin-Bobby into the picture, because for all his douchey behavior, he also provides the only quick wit on the show, and it's fun watching him leave people with only an "Omigod dude, like, seeeeriously?"