December 26, 2007

Happy Hour Purses: Class and Practicality

In college, I had my go-to bar jacket. A black, cotton, military-inspired number with well-placed pockets, a flattering shape, easily-washed material and a color that went with everything, and wasn't spoiled with a spill of $2 Miller Lite or $3 Long Island Iced Teas.

It complemented jeans, allowed for a variety of purse options, and was slim-cut so if I wanted to keep it on (weather, danger of loss, or signaling to my drunk friends that I didn't want to stay long), I wouldn't be puffed out or look like I was ready to leave. It was also a good camouflage for the inevitable post-drinking bloat, and magically kept me warm from 15-50 degrees.

In short, it was the perfect bar jacket.

Since college, I have moved on and replaced the jacket with a number of stylish options, due to my larger budget and neater nights out. But the reason for this trip down Memory Lane is the tie-in with today's post about bar purses.

Bar Purses are a particular breed. They must, of course, be high-quality, stylish, and functional, like my bar jacket. But what separates a Bar Purse from the rest of your collection is its ability to carry what you need, feel good in a cramped place, and resist the elements found in a bar, namely, spilling, squashing and the like.

Below is a collection of my favorite Bar Purses, handpicked for their attractive aesthetic and hardy construction. So next time you head to O Bar and someone spills their Pomegranate-Cranberry Martini on you, you'll be glad you had your Coach black leather hobo on hand, rather than your Kate Spade pearl satin clutch or Michael Kors ponyskin satchel.

Enjoy, and happy drinking!


Coach. Wristlets are easiest to carry when holding a drink, and the water-resistant canvas will survive spills. The stripe pattern is great too.

Louis Vuitton. Slips on your shoulder easily, and a dark brown leather pattern will survive almost anything. And if it doesn't, LV does free lifetime repairs and maintenance.

Kate Spade. Also fits well on the shoulder, with great construction and a slim shape that won't hold you back from navigating a crowded party.

Burberry. Their legendary water-resistant materials is good enough for London, so it's good enough for Connecticut.

Coach. More room for your camera, wallet, brush, etc. but zips and slips on the arm easily. Great work-to-bar bag.