August 14, 2008

Eye Candy: USA Men's Gymnastics Olympic Team

Wish I had enough material to do a Style Inspiration on the female athletes....

Ah, who am I kidding. I'm loving this. Once swimming and tumbling are done, I'm not sure I'll keep tuning in! Ladies, I give you my three favorites of the jacked, clean-cut athletes of the United States' Men's Gymnastics Team.

Raj Bhavsar
I love this guy for his cool-kid confidence. He makes it all look really easy, and he's the kind of person I would love to kick back and have a beer with.

Alexander Artemev
This Russian in America has a total babyface, and I've always been a sucker for blond guys. He's also incredibly lean, graceful and powerful.

Jonathan Horton
This frat-star from Oklahoma is my favorite for four reasons: his adorable face, his left arm, his right arm, and mostly, for his party-boy attitude on the sidelines. Pounds for his teammates, loud cheering, total USA pride, and the fact that after his team won the bronze, he announced that "We're gonna go jump in the river!"

Group Shots from Beijing


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Manager Mom said...

Male gymnast outfits are so funny... if you bumped into them on the street wearing red unitards it would just make you cackle, but somehow during the Olympics they can pull it off. What a bunch of cute guys!