August 11, 2008

Eye Candy: USA Olympic Men's Swimming Team

It's official: I have fallen in love with the four be-Speedoed, long-n-lean, nearly hairless young men that make up the USA Olympic Men's Swimming Team. Turbo-powered legs, double-jointed shoulders and world record-breaking times aside, from interviews we can gather that these guys are excited, humble, extremely hard-working and demonstrate model sportsmanship.

But it's not just athleticism and patriotism that has me watching the events in the Cube. The other source of my newfound Olympic enthusiasm is the sum of broad shoulders, muscular backs, ripped waists and cute butts in Speedos.

And no, I do not have any shame.


Michael Phelps

Garrett Weber-Gale

Cullen Jones

Jason Lezak

Ryan Lochte

Aaron Peirsol

Matt Grevers

And a few shots that don't do justice to the amazed shock and joy that come to young athletes after thigh-burning, back-breaking, finger-pruning training lasting years. Actually, lasting a lifetime. There's no better eye candy than a genuinely special moment for deserving people, captured on film at the height of emotion.

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