February 17, 2009

My new favorite accessory!

Anyone who's been at school in the northeast, taking brisk walks across the quadrangle wearing wool sweaters and boat shoes, used an extensive makeup routine consisting of lip balm, mascara and natural freckles, and at times felt most comfortable in a polo and white skirt will appreciate the New England-inspired bracelet collection at Kiel James Patrick.

What a J.Crew rep stripe tie does as a belt, these bracelets do for your wrists. All KJP bracelets are made from vintage and recycled materials (old ties and blankets, for instance), and close with an oversize button. There are dozens and dozens of styles, and you have several button color choices with each order. They're made at the time of order in a few different sizes, to let you wear them loose or tight, and are unisex.

I just received my first Kiels, one a navy/yellow stripe with a lavender button, and the other a multicolor plaid madras with a bronze button. They're a bit hard to take off when the material is still, but they look great and are totally comfortable. I'm wearing one while typing right now! They also come wrapped in adorable plaid material and deliver fast.

The latest additions to Kiel James Patrick are sweatshirts and pocket tees, and I'm not sure if I'm going to try them, but I will definitely be ordering more bracelets. At $20 - $35, they're unique (at least for now), and the kind of accessory I'd like to change day to day. My only regret is that they're too informal for work. Unless I wore it in a throwback, ironic way with a tweed blazer and wool pants. But with spring on the way and our economy still in the tank, these accessories are fresh and inexpensive. And for something that makes you smile and costs $25, that's not bad.
PS: Thanks to Nautical by Nature for linking the website!

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